The Fourth Chime

Fourth Chime Sitemap

The Fourth Chime - The Fourth Chime is an original faith-based screenplay. When Santa tries to save the life of a terminally ill boy, he encounter a storm that threatens to kill everyone.

Summary and Information - The Fourth Chime is an original faith-based screenplay. It is looking for a producer and funding to be turned into a motion picture. There is also a search for a book publisher to turn the screenplay into a novel.

The Music of The Fourth Chime - The music of The Fourth Chime expresses the joy of knowing the Holy Spirit. Listen to two of the music tracks that will be used in the film: Calm This Storm for Me and Hava Nagila.

The Ordination of Jean Paul - In this page from the script, Jean Paul is anointed to be a healing bear before he can be sent to terminally ill boy.

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