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The music at The Teddy Bear Monastery™ is unique and Spirit-filled. It expresses the joy and the love that teddy bears have for life. This music is introduced at the beginning of the story with the bears at the monastery playing Calm This Storm for Me. Since the bears don't sing, subtitles will be used so the audience can follow along.

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All my life I've heard the story 'bout the man from Galilee.
How He calmed the raging river and walked the stormy sea;
And I can feel the wind a-blowin' here upon my bended knee,
So I'm calling out to you Lord come and calm the storm for me.

Come and calm... the storm for me.
Roll the clouds... all away.
Let me see... the blessed lighthouse.
Shining through... the angry waves.
Just as long... as you're my captain,
When my ship... gets lost at sea,
Then I'll know... I'll reach the harbor,
When you calm... the storm for me.

Hava Nagila ("Let Us Rejoice") is a Jewish traditional folk song. In The Fourth Chime Hava Nagila is played to celebrate Santa and Jessica Claus' anniversary. When played at The Teddy Bear Monastery™, it is music filled with joy and celebration.

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