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Lance Micklus

Praying Teddy Bears

Eleven-year-old Michael Sinsisko is dying from a genetic heart disease. His make-a-wish is to spend his final summer with Santa on his island in the South Pacific. When Theodore and Tilly-Bear see Michael's condition, they make a secret trip to their own island, just a few miles away, where The Teddy Bear Monastery™ is located. From all of the bears living on the island, one bear is selected to be prayed over and anointed for healing during the Sunday morning service. When the bears attempt to return to Michael by crossing the ocean, a powerful storm threatens to kill everyone - human and bears alike.

The Fourth Chime is the second story in a trilogy that retells the legend of Santa Claus. This project is currently looking for $100 million in funding to turn the first part of the trilogy, called The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus, into a motion picture. It is an ideal project for production in digital 3D. Persons with a serious intent to produce a major motion picture with strong Christian themes should contact Lance Micklus by E-Mail using the special secured link provided. A non-discloser agreement must be signed and returned before copies of the story synopsis, a production ready movie script, and other related materials will be forwarded.

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